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  • Jacketed Ball Valve

    FlowBiz Jacketed Wafer Type Ball Valve is a kind of heating Jacket Ball Valve used to keep media cold preservation or heat preservation, has a high-performance insulation structure, mainly uses high heating temperature, and maintains the medium stay liquid. A Jacketed Ball Valve is the most suitable alternative for Chocolate, Grease, Benzene, Sulphur, Molten Sulphur, Asphalt, Bitumen, Wax, Polyurethane, Resin, Fatty Alcohol & Similar applications, where the medium quickly solidifies & cannot flow at an average atmospheric temperature. FlowBiz offers a range of fully Jacketed Ball Valves. The jacket covers the body from one flange to the other flange. The body is modified by adding oversize flanges. For example, 2” x 3” Jacketed Ball Valve, the nominal bore of 2” (DN 50) and the flange size is 3”(DN 80). It allows enough space for bolting clearance.

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