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Anti Seize

  • Anti Seize

    Molygraph's specialty anti-seize lubricants are heavy-duty, high-temperature lubricant that prevents galling, seizing and corrosion during assembly and assures easier disassembly. AS 10. Threaded connections, nuts and bolts operating under high pressure and temperature tend to seize if effective lubrication is not provided. Molygraph’s antisieze compounds with a blend of different solid lubricants provide excellent anti seize and load carrying characteristics at high temperatures. It prevents threaded parts from galling, distortion and breaking. It also guards against rust and fretting corrosion.

Conveyor Chain Oils

  • Conveyor Chain Oils

    Molygraph's conveyor chain oils usually perform at a high temperature and rough environment. It contains premium anti-oxidants and base oils that reduce relubrication pauses. Molygraph’s Stenol series of conveyor chain oils are able to meet the demanding requirements of chain lubricants and prevents residue build-up and offers effective lubrication with low evaporation at high temperatures. They also increase the life of the chain.

Extreme Pressure Greases

  • Extreme Pressure Greases

    Molygraph's range of extreme pressure greases contains special bonding agents that create a powerful lubricant film between moving metal surfaces. They reduce friction and offer good rust protection. Molygraph offers a full range of high performance greases for general applications that easily outperform conventional greases. These greases are fortified with Solid lubricants, EP and AW additives. They reduce friction, wear and tear and offer good rust protection, that result in the reduction of overall maintenance costs.

Food Grade Lubricants

  • Food Grade Lubricants

    Molygraph's food-grade lubricants are formulated for the food industry. We have oils and greases that can be used for bearing and enclosed gears over a wide range of operating temperatures for machines. Safety and reliability are extremely important in Food and Pharma manufacturing. Molygraph’s range of NSF-H1 and Halal certified greases, gear oils and lubricating oils provide complete safety against hazardous contamination. They also provide excellent performance and make your machinery last longer, eliminate break downs and provide complete peace of mind.

High Temperature Greases

  • High Temperature Greases

    Molygraph’s specially formulated high-temperature greases for valves, moulds, kilns, and oven conveyors. Constant temperatures up to -20c to +180c. Conventional greases cannot withstand continuous high operating temperatures. Molygraph’s specially formulated grease chemistries give unsurpassed performance in critical high temperature applications. These greases provide superior oxidation properties, and high thermal stability.

Hot Forging Lubricants

  • Hot Forging Lubricants

    Molygraph's hot forging lubricants can be used for warm to hot forging processes and will perform well under extreme temperatures and help to increase productivity. The Graphol and AF series of hot forging lubricants has set a benchmark for performance. The optimised particle size and the excellent cost to benefit ratios have provided tremendous benefits to our customers. The special binders and polymers incorporated in the lubricant provide excellent film formation and metal flow while eliminating sticking, pitting and under-filling.

Industrial Lubricants

  • Industrial Lubricants

    Molygraph is one of the best industrial lubricant & grease manufacturers in India. We offer a wide range of specialized oil lubricant in varied industrial applications. At Molygraph, we make world-class speciality lubricants. Our vision is to be consistently recognised as the supplier of choice for performance lubricants worldwide.

Lubricants for Mining Industry

  • Lubricants for Mining Industry

    Molygraph’s specialty lubricants for the mining industry to provide open pit mining operations with reliable performance and stability to minimize operating costs and maximize profitability. They provide excellent adhesion, resistance to high loads and protection against wear. Lubricant consumption can be reduced to over 50% over conventional lubes when using a Molygraph product.

Lubricants for Steel Industry

  • Lubricants for Steel Industry

    Molygraph’s specialty lubricants for the steel industry to reduce costs and maintain process successfully. Steel manufacturing is a tough process putting high demands on lubricants. Extreme loads, caustic and humid environments and high temperatures make it extremely challenging for lubricants to work optimally. Molygraph’s proven lubricant solutions coupled with end-to-end lubricant education, support and guidance from the field engineering team will make your steel plant run even more productively.

Lubricating Oils for Punching and Stamping

  • Lubricating Oils for Punching and Stamping

    The Punch range of evaporative lubricants have been specifically developed for sheet metal stamping and punching of aluminum components. They provide excellent boundary lubrication, a clean surface and eliminate smoke during annealing process. The world's leading Air-Conditioner manufacturers use our oils, that have been developed after intense R&D and industry understanding.

Metal Forging Lubricants

  • Metal Forging Lubricants

    Molygraph's metal Forging lubricants are adapted to different metal-forming processes such as hot, warm, and cold forming, for all forging processes. With the changing trends in the forging industry, the role of lubricants has now become critical, especially when it comes to performance and productivity. The Graphol series of lubricants are water and graphite/oil and graphite/water and polymer based formulations that are a result of intensive R&D as well as years of learning from our long term partners.

mould release sprays

  • Mould Release Sprays

    Molygraph's mould release spray is an extremely versatile release agent and lubricant. They can also be used as a multipurpose lubricant to keep food-processing equipment from sticking. Molygraph has an extensive range of lubricants used for maintenance and repair of day to day operating equipment. Our range of oils, sprays, bonded coatings and silicone compounds have been extensively used in challenging conditions and applications and have helped industries in considerable reduction in maintenance downtime and decreased costs.

NSF Certified Lubricants

  • NSF Certified Lubricants

    Molygraph’s NSF Certified Lubricants such as sprays, oils, greases, and aerosols for Machinery used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Food, water and edible consumer products are a daily necessity. Since these products are for consumption, it is essential to ensure that the manufacturing process of these products is 100% safe. The Food and Pharma industry is perhaps one of the top segments that require strict adherence to rules and stipulations. One cannot risk contamination.

Open Gear Greases

  • Open Gear Greases

    Molygraph's open gear greases are expected to perform under heavy-duty synthetic open gear lubricants that can help protect your valuable equipment and keep it running harder and lasting longer. Open gears require specialised lubricants that withstand heavy loads, have enhanced adhesion and carefully selected solid lubricants. Our open gear greases prevent squeeze out and overcome pitting corrosion. They also contain additives to withstand extreme pressure and high loads.

Punching Oil

  • Punching Oil

    Molygraph’s specialty punching oil lubricants are designed for punching and stamping industry that has been specifically developed for sheet metal stamping and punching of aluminum components. The Punch range of oils have been developed by using the most advanced chemistries available. This makes the oils at par with the latest improvements in production capabilities. The entire range also matches up when it comes to material compatibility, wetting properties, tool and die life improvements and refrigerant compatibility. Moreover, with new environmental rules requiring lower VOCs the Punch range of oils become an ideal solution.

Rust Preventives Oils

  • Rust Preventives Oils

    Molygraph's specialty rust preventives oils are formulated for lubrication and protection of metal surfaces from atmospheric corrosion. Molygraph has developed a range of rust preventives that have given excellent performance in industrial applications. From heavy duty corrosion protectors to solvent based chemistries, we have every industrial application covered. Molygraph's corrosion protectors displace moisture effectively and thus provide protection from rust, corrosion abrasion and scratches.

Thread Compounds

  • Thread Compounds

    Molygraph's specialty thread compounds have made us an identified leader for drilling and production applications. We offer environmentally friendly oilfield drilling thread compounds. Prevents galling and seizing, Good brush ability over wide range of service temperature, Resists water washout, Conforms to API RP 5A3.

Valve Greases

  • Valve Greases

    Molygraph's specialty valve greases are excellent for lubricating automatic valve mechanisms, actuators, and manual adjustment screws. This grease-like paste is the lubricant of option for valves of all varieties. Industrial applications contain a multitude of conditions and factors that pose a challenge to effective lubrication. Wide temperature ranges, high loads, water ingress, humidity and other extreme conditions can lead to lubrication failure. Molygraph has developed a range of Multifunctional greases that can withstand these challenging conditions and provide unparalleled performance.

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