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Permeation Tester

  • Mocon Oxtran Model 2/22 H – Otr

    The MOCON OXTRAN 2/22 H oxygen permeation instrument is designed specifically to improve throughput, increase your labs efficiency, and streamline your operations. Your operators will now spend less time setting up and monitoring permeation tests, allowing them to achieve more in less time. A new user interface and increased automation of MOCON Oxtran Model 2/22 H makes testing easier than ever before with less skill required, reducing the costs associated with training new employees or transitioning responsibilities within your company. Starting a new test may be as simple as a single press of a button. Mocon has made remarkable breakthroughs in permeation technology that can shorten your test times by up to 50%. New technologies reducing instrument leak rates and increased sensor performance mean you can often avoid lengthy zero measurements and shorten exam cycles, giving you the ability to deliver results to your customers, internal and external, more quickly than ever before.

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