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  • K-2 TECH NXT

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Benefits : Visual Inspection Becomes Easy – Green Colored Product Increased Productivity – Single Step Process , Reduction in MANHOURS Reduced FUMES – Reduced Pollution , Better Environment Protection TYPICAL APPLICATION PROCEDURE K-2 TECHNXT PASTE Apply K-2 TECHNXT Paste on oil and grease free , dry stainless steel surface with plastic brush and leave it for 30–60 minutes. Wash the surface with Demineralised water using a High Pressure water Jet machine. K-2 TECHNXT SPRAY Apply K-2 TECHNXT Spray on oil and grease free , dry stainless steel Surface with a Spray Bottle/Gun and leave it for 30 – 60 minutes. Wash the surface with Demineralised water using a high pressure water jet machine. It is well known that the top protective chromium oxide layer on Stainless Steel surface do get damaged during various fabrication process i.e. Mechanical treatment, Welding, Annealing, Grinding etc. Post- fabrication conventionally a two step process i.e. Pickling followed by Passivation is carried out to restore the passive layer. (Chrome oxide layer) K-2 TECHNXT IS AN UNIQUE CUSTOMISED FORMULATED PRODUCT FOR ACHIEVING PICKLING & PASSIVATION IN SINGLE STEP. K-2 TechNXT is available in GEL (Paste), SEMI GEL (Spray) and LIQUID (Dip) Form. NOTE: Demineralised water to be used for washing. Shake the bottle well before use. Do not apply the chemical under direct sunlight. Incase of oil and grease on the surface remove it with our SI-56 Degreasing Powder. We offer all safety products required during Pickling & Passivation Process. Product Confirms to ASTM A-967

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